Behavior Management Strategies - The Clip-Chart System

{Empowering students to take responsibility for their behavioral choices and fostering independence in the classroom are two effective management techniques that help reduce behavioral interruptions and maximize your instruction/small group time!

While clear, concise expectations and consistent classroom procedures are important to reaching these goals, many educators also employ a behavior management system.

Here's a look at several common behavior management systems...}

The Clip-Chart System

Classroom Behavior Management Clip Chart System
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This system focuses on the behavior of each individual child. Each day students begin the class period with their clothespin in the same spot and, during the course of the day, are asked to "clip up" (i.e. move their clothespin up a space) if they are observed making good behavioral choices and "clip down" (i.e. move their clothespin to a lower space) for poor behavioral decisions. The one-to-one correspondence of behavior choice to clothespin position - and the fact that they are the ones who must move their pin - reminds students that they are in control of their position on the board. Additionally, as the day progresses and students are invited to move their clip up or asked to move their clip down, they learn how to behave appropriately in all types of situations. And, while they may have started the morning off on the wrong foot, the good news is there's always room to move up again!

Clip Chart Extensions

  • Make parents aware of the behavior management system and have students document their clip color on a take-home calendar at the end of the day so that their parents/guardians know how their child's day went.
  • Keep track of each time a student reaches the top. Set fun behavioral goals for your students to strive for - i.e. "Clip to the top" eight times this month and get a special surprise!

*What's fun about this system is that you can tailor it to fit your classroom theme - like these talented educators did!

Nautical Themed Classroom Behavior Management Clip SystemNautical Themed Clip Chart via Sailing Through 1st Grade

Rock Star Themed Classroom Behavior Management Clip SystemRock Star Themed Clip Chart via The Inspired Apple

Classroom Behavior Management Clip SystemBattery/Power Themed Clip Chart via Mrs. Kimmel's Pre-Kindergarten Class

Owl Themed Classroom Behavior Management Clip SystemOwl Themed Clip Chart via 3rd Grade's a Hoot {found via First Grade Glitter and Giggles}

Bird Themed Classroom Behavior Management Clip SystemBird Themed Clip Chart via Classroom Compulsion

Hollywood Themed Classroom Behavior Management Clip SystemHollywood Themed Clip Chart via Teach on a Limb

Themed or not, the clip-chart system is a great way to provide your students with a sense of accomplishment {after all, they earned their way to the top by going the extra mile to help a classmate or doing exceptional classwork}, empower your students to take responsibility of their behavior, as well as remind students that - even when they've made previous poor choices - they can still work hard to achieve a positive outcome!