Bean Bag Games for Your Preschooler

Bean bags are a great way to burn off some energy, build gross motor skills, and strengthen your students' concentration. The great thing is, they can be used with any age group as any game or concept can be tailored to fit the skill level of your classroom. Allison McDonald, a craft contributor for the parenting blog at Family Education, has provided several guidelines and game ideas for your preschool classroom. It may take some searching, but McDonald suggests investing in some fun, educational bean bags that will offer plenty of activity variations. Shoot for multicolored bags that come in different shapes, display letters, numbers, or phonetic items, and are a size that will be easy for your students to handle. Many teacher supply stores or websites also offer music CDs, activity boards, and other packages that can supplement your bean bag fun!

Once you have the proper materials selected, check out the rest of McDonald's post for fun and easy educational games that include sorting, a near and far toss, fun with color, letter, or shape recognition, and hide and seek. You'll be sure to keep your preschoolers busy and enthusiastic with this fun addition to your classroom!

4 easy bean bag games! Mom's Parenting Blog by Allison McDonald - FamilyEducation

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