Back To School Spin-A-Graph Math Activity

Back To School Math Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Cristy Wagner of Krazy4Kinders created this fun back to school math activity {complete with FREE printables!} that would be perfect for a first week of school math center! Featuring a cutesy "school supplies" theme, students are invited to spin the homemade game spinner 10 times and graph the results {i.e. mark the square next to the appropriate school supply after each spin}. While this is sure to keep your kinders busy, when finished, you might consider extending the lesson and having your kiddos summarize/draw conclusions about the 'data' collected with these fun extension worksheets...

Back To School Math Kindergarten Printable and Lesson Plan

Students are invited to count and record the spin frequency for each school supply, determine which they spun the most/least of, and compare specific columns to determine more than/less than/equal to relationships.

Back To School Spin-A-Graph Math Activity


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