Baby Farm Animal Match Up

baby farm animal preschool matching game
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In keeping with the animal theme we've had going on lately, we discovered a fun "Farm Life Unit Study" created by Lauren, mom, homeschooler, and creator of the blog, LAWTEEDAH. The adorable graphics are sure to draw your preschoolers in and the activities will certainly pique their interest - especially the baby animal match up!

While most of your kiddos have been making the distinction during play time or reading time between "mommy" or "daddy" animals and "baby" animals, they'll be delighted to learn that each animal baby has a proper name! Students will learn new vocabulary words, practice visual discrimination, and strengthen problem solving skills as they complete this cute matching exercise. Activity Extensions

baby block 1 Lauren includes five different matches {chicken/chick, sheep/lamb, pig/piglet, horse/foal, cow/foal}. Consider expounding on this activity incorporating other common farm animal matches - dog/pup, cat/kitten, goat/kid, etc.
baby block 2 Provide students with old National Geographic magazines, zoo pamphlets, etc., inviting them to find and cut a picture that will match each set.
baby block 3 Add a listening component to your matching game. Find and play for your students a track of each animal sound, inviting your kiddos to hold up the correct set of animal cards as you go.
baby block 4 Add a sensory component to your matching game. Provide your students with different textures:
  • Feathers
  • Long, coarse fur
  • Short, soft fur
  • Smooth
  • And an assortment of other textures...
As students make matches with the cards, have them choose the texture that matches (or closely resembles) that of the animal.

Be sure to visit Lauren's site for the download and check out the other activities in her farm life study unit!

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