Astronauts to Earth Game Board

Space Preschool Printable
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Whether you're looking for a fun game to add to your space unit or an activity to include in your "Space Day" {May 6th} lessons, this fabulous "Astronauts to Earth Game" designed by Mama Jenn is the ideal activity! She provides four different variations that will help your preschoolers strengthen various skills:

  • Color recognition
  • Number/numeral recognition
  • Shape recognition

The fourth game board is blank, allowing you to include a concept of your choice. Consider one of the following applications:

  1. Letter Recognition. Choose six focus letters. Script a lowercase letter onto each rocket and create a game die with the matching uppercase letter. Have students take turns rolling the die and marking off a cloud by the correct rocket.
  2. Sight Word Recognition. Choose six focus sight words, scripting one onto each rocket. Create a game die with the same sight words and invite students to take turns rolling the die, matching the words to the correct rocket, and marking off a cloud.
  3. Rhyming Words. Choose six rhyming pairs. Script one word from each pair onto the rockets and the second onto a game die. Have students take turns rolling the die, making the correct match, and marking off a cloud. You might also consider finding the images for each rhyming pair, pasting one onto the rocket and the other onto the game die.
  4. Beginning Letter Sounds. Choose six focus letters. Create a stack of game cards containing images of objects/items that begin with the same consonant sound as the letters on the rockets. Have students take turns picking up a card, saying the name of the picture, and crossing off a cloud next to the correct rocket.

Be sure to visit the full post at Mama Jenn for the download!