Americana Handwriting Practice Worksheet

Patriotic Social Studies Preschool Printable
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Looking for a fun worksheet to spruce up your writing center in honor of Memorial Day? Check out this Americana themed worksheet created by Aimée of Paging Supermom. Not just a coloring sheet, we love that your kiddos will get some tracing practice, strengthen fine motor control, and learn some new vocabulary words in the process!

Back in March we featured Aimée's fantastic St. Patrick's Day and spring themed writing practice worksheets and offered up several suggestions for extended use. We going to pull from those suggestions - this is the abbreviated version, so be sure to visit the full post for pictures, etc.

  • Create a laminated flip book, adding dry erase markers for extra tracing practice!
  • Create 3-part cards for playing memory/matching games.
  • Adapt the picture cards - cutting off the tracing strip and printing several letters at the top of the picture - inviting students to practice with beginning letter sounds.

For this awesome printable, be sure to visit Paging Supermom!

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