Alphabet Turkey Hunt

upper and lower case letter matching game with an indian and turkey theme
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Strengthen upper and lower case letter recognition and fine motor skills with this Thanksgiving-themed alphabet match game from Jo Kramer at Making Learning Fun. Twenty-six cards in all, each card features an Indian hunter marked with an upper case letter (there is a card for each letter of the alphabet) and three turkeys with various lower case letter selections. Students are charged with identifying the lower case letter that corresponds with the upper case letter displayed on the card, clipping a clothespin to the correct match. Your students are sure to have a blast with with activity!

Printable Applications

baby block 1 Use the printable cards as designed.
baby block 2 Memory Game. Cut the cards apart and laminate them to create a memory game where students can match upper case letters, lower case letters, or upper and lower case letters. The game ends when no more matches can be made.
baby block 3 Writing Practice. Cut the cards apart, laminating them, and have students practice printing by tracing the letters with a dry erase crayon.
baby block 4 Ordering. Cut the cards apart and have student practice ordering both upper and lower case letter sets - A to Z (or even backwards for an extra challenge!).

Jo has many other Thanksgiving-themed printables so be sure to check them out when you head over to Making Learning Fun for the download!

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