Alphabet Poster

Alphabet Preschool Printable
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How adorable is this alphabet poster from Mr. Printables?! With the new school year fast approaching, we can see this used as part of your classroom decor, provided to your kiddos as a fun take-home resource, kept at your preschoolers desk as a reference, or even used to play alphabet games!

Alphabet games...

  • Place the printable in a disposable aluminum baking pan. Provide your kiddos with a top - inviting them to take turns spinning it and identifying the letter it lands on.
  • Play alphabet "BINGO". Provide each student with a poster, call out a letter, and invite your preschoolers to identify/cross off the correct letter on their game mat.
  • Use the poster to go on a class scavenger hunt. Find an item in the classroom/school grounds that starts with each letter, crossing them off as you go.

For this colorful alphabet poster printable, be sure to visit Mr. Printables! [NOTE: They also offer the poster in French and Spanish!]

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