Adorable Spring Bird & Nest Craft!

Photo Source: Preschool Playbook

We found this super cute spring craft over at Preschool Playbook and thought they'd make a lovely addition to your spring/Easter crafting plans! (For Easter, just use yellow craft puffs and feathers to create chicks!) The simplicity of the craft makes it perfect for crafters of all ages and the bright colors are super festive!


brown paper lunch sacks

brown paper shreds or craft straw

large craft puffs in assorted colors

craft feathers

wiggle eyes

orange construction paper

craft glue

Creating the Nest

To create the nest, grab the brown paper lunch sack and, starting at the top, roll the sides of the bag down until you form a 'nest' or bowl shape. [NOTE: Smaller crafters may need help with this step!]

Photo Source: Preschool Playbook

Then, fill the nest with brown paper shred or craft straw.

Photo Source: Preschool Playbook

Creating the Birds

To create the birds, you'll need two large craft puffs, two wiggle eyes, a couple craft feathers, and a scrap of orange construction paper. Start by gluing the two craft puffs together. Next, add wiggle eyes and a beak cut from orange construction paper - i.e. cut a diamond shape and fold it in half. Finally, add glue some feather 'wings' to the bird. Trish suggests having your kiddos dip the feathers in glue and lay them on the craft puffs.

Photo Source: Preschool Playbook

The last step is to nestle the dry birds in the paper bag nests! Super cute, right!?

Photo Source: Preschool Playbook