Addition Tic Tac Toe Game FREEbie!

Tic Tac Toe Addition Game
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Spice up addition practice in your math centers with this tic tac toe game created by Heidi over at Mrs. Samuelson's Swamp Frogs! The game board is provided as a FREEbie, so all you'll need to get started is a set of decahedron (10-sided) die, simliar to those found here.

Players take turns rolling the 2 decahedron die and adding the results together. If the answer is on the board, they mark the space with an "O" or an "X" ("X" for player 1 and "O" for player 2). If the answer is not on the board or has already been marked, it becomes the next player's turn. Play continues until someone gets three in a row. The player who wins the most boards on the sheet wins the game!

To grab the FREEbie and complete instructions, be sure to hear over to Mrs. Samuelson's Swamp Frogs!