Adding Salt to Your Watercolor Prints

Some days it may seem that your supply cabinet is a bit lackluster. You're students have completed all the fun, unique projects you've planned and now you feel as if all that's left are 'plain-Jane' 'vanilla' supplies. Kathy Barbro, art teacher and blogger, shares a great opportunity for you to spice up your leftover supplies. Supplies You'll Need
- Dissolving watercolor paint tablets
- Water
- Crayola crayons
- Craft paper
- Kids paint brushes
- Salt

Have your students create a scene or their choice or follow your instructions to create a preplanned picture. Encourage them to draw with pencil, then when they're satisfied, trace the lines with a crayon. This will create a barrier for the watercolor. Provide your students with watercolors and invite them to fill in the 'shapes'.

All of your students have worked with watercolors before, but sprinkling a bit of salt on the paint when it is still wet creates a fun texture. After the print has dried, the salt can be brushed off or left as texture. A fun way to spice up your 'vanilla' supplies!

Art Projects for Kids: Watercolor and Salt Painting

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