Activities Using Side Walk Paint

Here's some great extension activities for the post about home made side walk paint made on May 6th. Provided by Allison McDonald, blogger for Family Education, these three outdoor activities will have your students learning while taking a break from the classroom. Literacy & Numeracy in Nature

Prepare each square of side walk with a different letter or number. If using letters, invite your children to collect items from around the school yard that start with this letter or use the paint to draw an item. To practice numbers, have your students work together to collect the correct amount of items to match the number in the square (i.e. one twig, two rocks, etc.).

'Directed' Creative Expression

Some children feel overwhelmed when you invite them to express their creativity, free of guidance or direction. A great way to satisfy every child's temperament is to prepare your side walk 'canvas' before beginning the activity. Take some of the lessons you've been learning about in the classroom and translate them into pictures for your students to color in, add detail to, and copy. This will reinforce concepts learned and inspire all of your students to be as creative as they want to be.

Sidewalk Spray Not many classrooms will be able to get their hands on a garden hose, but if you can, this is a fun activity for your youngsters. Draw objects, letters, numbers, and other relevant items, then have your students take turns 'blasting' them away with water, yelling out what the item is as it disappears.

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