ABCs + Active Play = FUN!

ABC Exercise Cards

While many of the 'tried and true' methods of teaching your preschoolers and kindergartners the alphabet certainly have merit, it can be fun to change up your routine every now and then, helping them to think about the material in a new and exciting way. Amy, mother of three, literacy consultant, and creator of the blog Teach Mama, shares a brilliant alphabet teaching tool - ABC Exercise Cards - that she found over at Homeschool Share!

Each exercise card contains a letter of the alphabet, in both upper- and lower-case, as well as, an action that begins with that letter. For example, the "Aa" card displays, "Make circles with your Ankle" and the "Bb" card may display, "Balance on one foot." Not only will these cards promote letter recognition, they will also get your students on their feet and allow them to burn off some extra energy!

ABC Exercise Card Variations:

  • Complete the actions in order (A to Z then Z to A)
  • Pick cards randomly from a bag, ask your students to name the letter, then do the action on the card.
  • Hide cards and have your students search around the classroom. As each is found, have the class stop, name the letter, and perform the activity on the card.
  • Give each student a card and have them take turns demonstrating the action on their card. The class should try to guess what letter they had.

What a fun way to get some exercise and practice letter recognition! For more tips and tricks, activity variations, and directions on where to download the resource, be sure to visit Teach Mama!

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