ABC Matching Game

Most children are naturally playful and adventurous. As a preschool teacher, it can be difficult to come up with learning activities that not only satiate their need for fun and movement, but satisfy learning objects as well. Here is a great alphabet matching game from the creator of the blog Teach Mama that will help your preschoolers with letter recognition while letting them run off a little steam as well!

Supplies You'll Need
- Card stock
- Ribbon
- Wooden spring clothespins
- Alphabet stickers

Creating The Game

  • Game Cards. With word processing software, create, print, and cut out alphabet game cards. You could also choose to make the cards by hand, cutting sheets of card stock into fourths and scripting a letter of the alphabet on each.
  • Game "Board". Cut a long piece of ribbon, tying it between two chairs. With the alphabet stickers, label a clothespin with each letter of the alphabet and clip these (in order) on the ribbon.

Playing The Game

Place the alphabet cards in a pile on the floor and have your students help mix them up. Then let the fun begin. Have students take turns finding the letters in order and clipping them to the game "board". For more advanced learners, you might consider doing the alphabet backwards or just having them pick up random letters to match. Along with strengthening letter recognition (and building the skills needed for reading), students will be building fine motor skill too!

teach mama: abc cards and clothespin match

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