ABC Classroom Book

While you probably won't be able to complete this project for each of your preschoolers or kindergartners, why not do a classroom version of the ABC book? Here's the plan:

  1. Map out each letter and begin collecting props (e.g. "A" is for Apple so collect an apple, "B" is for Ball so find a ball, etc.)
  2. Depending upon the policies of your district, it may be prudent to draft a letter to parents explaining the project and what it will be used for, as well as, have them sign a photo release form allowing you to use their child's photo in the classroom. If a parent refuses to allow their child's photo to be used, find another way to incorporate them in the classroom project.
  3. Designate a day for the 'photo shoot'.
  4. Once the pictures have been printed out, set aside a day to make the pages. Provide each student a piece of card stock, teacher stickers, and other craft supplies, encouraging them to make a page for the ABC book.
  5. After the pages have dried, assemble the book. Write or print out headings for each page, add borders to pictures, and paste everything together. This project works best if pages are laminated or placed into plastic sheet protectors before being assembled in a binder or album.

While it may take some coordination, this book is sure to be a hit in the classroom! You may even choose to allow students to take turns bringing the book home to show their parents.

Little Family Fun: ABC Baby Book

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