A Vase for Mother's Day

When it comes to Mother's Day, why stop at flowers? Why not make a homemade, one-of-a-kind vase to keep them in? This craft, provided by Sharon David of Artists Helping Children, does just that! Supplies You'll Need
- Plastic bottle
- Craft paper
- Scissors (maybe some Westcott kid's scissors)
- Craft glue
- Pencil or marking tool
- Acrylic glitter glue

Starting with properly cleaned, recycled plastic bottles, David suggests that an adult use scissors to cut off the top of teach bottle before beginning this project. Your students may think they're fully capable, but remind them that their safety is always top priority.

With the pre-cut bottle, show your students how to use the bottle to measure a piece of paper that is slightly longer than the bottle's length and, when wrapped around the bottle, has overlapping edges. Instruct your students to glue one edge of the paper to the bottle, wrap the piece of paper around, then glue again at the overlap. Using a pencil or marking tool, invite your students to draw a design on the outside of the bottle. This design will then be traced in acrylic glitter glue. Once the paint has dried, finish off with some fake buds or homemade flowers and you'll have a lovely Mother's Day surprise!

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