A Twist on the Color Wheel

When teaching your preschoolers about colors and their relationships with one another, a color wheel can be very useful. Jenn, mother and Mama Jenn blog creator, offers a new way to introduce the concepts of primary and secondary colors to your students.

Begin with a blank color wheel. Jenn actually provides a printable handout to go along with this activity. Make sure you have one for each child and that they have been laminated.

Other Supplies You'll Need
- Red, yellow, and blue food coloring
- Eye dropper
- Toothpicks
- Paper towels
- Cup of water Place food coloring into shallow containers and dilute with water. Following the color-coded dots on the color wheel printout, instruct your students to place a drop of matching food coloring onto each. Remind your students that they should clean the dropper in their cup of water each time they switch colors. Encourage your students to use a tooth pick to swirl the colors in each circle together. Once again, so as not to mix colors inadvertently, instruct your students to use a different toothpick for each circle. When each circle has been well-blended, have your students place a piece of paper towel over the color wheel to make a print.

Mama Jenn: Printable Color Wheel Activity