A Tracing Book Helps Students Master Writing

Looking for ways to make learning to write more exciting? Make a tracing book! Easy to make, fully customizable, and reusable, tracing books are a great addition to any classroom!

Supplies You'll Need

- Binder - Plastic document sleeves - Printable tracing worksheets - Card stock - Dry-erase markers

Tracing Book Instructions

  1. Kidzone (http://www.kidzone.ws/tracers/index.htm) offers customizable tracer pages for name, sight word, and vocabulary writing practice as well as pre-made tracing printables for teaching shapes, colors, etc. Use this website or another resource to create several sets of tracing worksheets.
  2. Print worksheets onto card stock and place in plastic document sleeves.
  3. Arrange the document sleeves in a binder.
  4. For fun writing practice, invite students to use dry-erase markers directly on the plastic document sleeves to trace letters, words, and objects. Provide them with a damp paper towel to wipe off the sheets when finished.

The best part is, if your students get bored with the worksheets all you have to do is create another set online, refill the plastic sheet protectors, and you have a "new" practice aid!

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