A Sweet St. Patrick’s Day Treat

While the school day usually passes by as usual on March 17th, the absence of a classroom party doesn’t mean all fun should be checked at the door. While the traditional green punch and cupcakes is a class favorite, Sherri Osborn provides a fun and simple alternative for St. Patrick’s Day sweets in the classroom.

You may be able to find pre-cut tulle circles at your local craft store, but a small roll of green tulle will certainly do the job as well. If working with a roll, you’ll need to cut a piece of tulle for each student in your class. The diameter of each piece should measure about 8-inches. Once this has been completed, divide up a bag of Hershey kisses so that each student will receive two or three candies. These candies should then be placed in the center of the tulle. Next, gather up the sides of the tulle, securing it with a green ribbon just above the candy. On festive craft paper or card stock use a green fine-tip marker to pen or a word processing program to print the following poem:

Here's a wee present for you Full of luck and wishes Celebrate this St. Patrick's Day With these Leprechaun Kisses!

Trim around the poem and paste to a piece of green construction paper to create a thin accent border. Finish off these sweet treats by punching a hole near the edge of the poem, stringing it onto the ribbon, and then tying the ribbon into a pretty bow. Your students will be pleasantly surprised to find these treats waiting for them on their desks. A variation of this project is to bring the materials to class and have your students make one of these sweet treats for someone special!

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