A Sensory Experience for Your Infant Room

Melissa of Chasing Cheerios blog has come up with a wonderful addition to your infant room with her sensory bean bags craft! Focusing on how a child explores and orders their world, Melissa chose different textured fabrics for students to enjoy including fleece, satin, velvet, corduroy, cotton, flannel, etc., as well as, several visually stimulating patterns. To Assemble:

  1. Cut fabric into 4-inch squares.
  2. Sew two squares together (for each bean bag choose one fabric that is visually stimulating and one that textured), trim the corners, and turn the 'pouch' right-side out. Be sure to leave an opening for filling or stuffing.
  3. Fill the pouches with different materials. For loose-weave fabrics, cotton stuffing works best so that small objects can't 'escape' and present a choking hazard. For fabrics with a tighter weave, use materials like rice, beans, lentils, and other such materials.
  4. Close up the pouch.

This is an easy project that will provide lots of fun in your infant room!

Chasing Cheerios: Sensory Beanbags

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