A Festive Sensory Station

Children explore the world and learn with their senses. Creating a sensory station encourages your students to discover new information through their sense of touch. Working with their hands to manipulate different textures strengthens a child’s fine motor skills, important to many activities they will encounter: playing, dressing, eating, and writing to name a few. In addition to increased dexterity, students will be introduced to new concepts like “big/little”, “in/out”, etc. while learning proper etiquette through these social interactions with their peers. Of course, it’s important to keep things fun and interesting so that your students remain engaged in the activity. Allie, No Time For Flash Cards creator, provides just the solution for mixing up your sensory table. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, she suggests filling your table with green and gold. In her blog post, she suggests using split peas, yellow lentils, mung beans, and bamboo (green) rice. Additionally, for a bit of a challenge, Allie suggests searching out some fun gold coins to be hidden in the beans and hunted for. Lastly, find some fun containers for scooping and pouring and you’re all set for this exciting activity. As Allie warns, this activity can get a little messy, but remind your students of acceptable behavior and bring a drop cloth!

Green and Gold Sensory Tub | No Time For Flash Cards

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