9 Hungry Ghosts - Halloween Color Activity

We're not sure where we encountered this lesson, but thought it might be a fun, interactive, and silly way for your preschoolers to brush up on their colors this Halloween!

Lesson Introduction

Q. What color are ghosts? A. Ghosts are white!

Q. How do ghosts stay white? A. To stay white, ghosts only eat white things - vanilla ice cream, mashed potatoes, milk, whipped cream, cauliflower, plain yogurt, etc.


The activity follows 9 hungry ghosts who decide to branch out and try new foods. A curious thing happens when the first ghost decides to try some cotton candy and the rest of the ghosts follow with food selections of their own...

Halloween Shared Reading Preschool Lesson Plan

We love introducing the activity with a pocket chart and having students fill in a matching activity sheet as you go along (or afterward!). Start by reading the clue (i.e. "The second ghost ate strawberries"), then ask your students what color they think the ghost turned! Invite a volunteer to find the colored ghost and place the picture next to the sentence in the pocket chart. [NOTE: While we chose solid color foods, it might be fun to see what your kiddos' responses would be if the ghost ate a handful of M&Ms, a chocolate chip cookie, etc.]

Here's an activity sheet to go along with the exercise. Students can use crayons or other graphic art tools to color the ghosts the appropriate color...

Halloween Color Recognition Preschool Lesson Plan and Preschool Printables

9 Hungry Ghosts - Halloween Color Activity


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