6 Awesome Dinosaur Activities (with FREE Printables)!

Photo Source: The Inspired Apple

Did you know that "Dinosaur Day" is May 15th? If your littles are crazy about dinosaurs, we found six awesome fun and educational activities created by Abby over at The Inspired Apple that we just know will be a hit!

Photo Source: The Inspired Apple

Spelling Word Dinos

Super cute, right!? Have your students craft a colorful dino, print their spelling words on the spikes, then write a sentence (or several sentences) using at least one of the words!

Photo Source: The Inspired Apple

"If I was a dinosaur..." Craftivity

This adorable craft invites your kiddos to turn themselves into a dinosaur! Using construction paper and their school picture, students crafted a dinosaur and used the printable to label it.

"If I was a dinosaur, I would be a Sophie-saurus!"

As an extra, Abby included an alternative prompt that invites students to create a dinosaur that only eats their favorite food - i.e. a cupcake-ivore or pizza-ivore!

Photo Source: The Inspired Apple

Dino Discovery!

Your little paleontologists will be delighted to be given the opportunity to 'discover' a new dinosaur! With this cute little worksheet, students can draw a picture of the new dino and record it's stats - i.e. it's name, how old it is, what it likes to eat, etc! The best part - after they've completed the worksheet, invite your kiddos to make a 3D model using marshmallows and toothpicks!

Photo Source: The Inspired Apple

What is a Fossil?

A study of dinosaurs wouldn't be complete without a study of fossils! As your kiddos learn about fossils - i.e. what a fossil is and what the fossilization process looks like - they can record their learning on this fun worksheet!

Photo Source: The Inspired Apple

Making Fossils

And, of course, a hands-on fossil activity is needed! Have your kiddos use plastic dinosaurs and modeling clay to create their very own fossil. Then, as the fossil dries, have your students draw a replica of the fossil onto the provided recording sheet.

Photo Source: The Inspired Apple

Cookie Excavation

Abby doesn't have a picture of her kiddos completing this activity, but it certainly sounds super fun! What kid wouldn't want to have a closer look at a yummy chocolate chip cookie in the name of science!? First, discuss what the words 'paleontologist' and 'excavate' mean, and then charge your students with the task of carefully excavating all of the chocolate chips from the cookie! The provided worksheet offers a great place for students to record and analyze their findings - just like real paleontologists!

Seriously, aren't these activities great!? To grab a copy of the FREE worksheets and to see more awesome pictures, be sure to visit The Inspired Apple!!