5 Quick and Simple Activities for Toddlers

Easy Toddler Activities - Painting Birdhouses
Photo Source: The Activity Mom

Keep your toddlers engaged and busy with these quick ideas shared by Jill over at The Activity Mom. Toddlers aren't exactly known for having very long attention spans...so these quick ideas are perfect! And, without even realizing it they'll be learning a few really important concepts along the way.

Painting Birdhouses

Come Spring and Summer this idea is sure to be a hit. Pick up a few wooden birdhouses at your local dollar or big box store and have your kiddos decorate them with different colors of paint. Then, hang them outside and spend some time over the next few weeks observing!

Sorting Colors

Use a set of assorted color stacking cups (or something similar - even empty paint cups would do the trick) and line them up along the floor. Provide your youngsters with pom poms in assorted colors and have them match the pom poms to the correct color cup.

Easy Toddler Activities - Sorting Colors
Photo Source: The Activity Mom

Masking Tape Collage

Provide each child with a piece of white paper and a supply of masking tape. Regular old masking tape would work just fine, but you can also find all kinds of colors nowadays if you're wanting to add a little something extra. For toddlers, you may find you have to provide them with masking tape pieces, as tearing it off themselves may prove to be a bit too difficult.

Easy Toddler Activities - Masking Tape Collage
Photo Source: The Activity Mom

Ice Cube Magnets

Freeze a handful of heavy duty magnets in ice cube trays. Once frozen, dump the ice cubes into a shallow tray and provide a magnet wand for exploring!

Easy Toddler Activities - Ice Cube Magnets
Photo Source: The Activity Mom

Chalkboard Drawings

Create beautiful drawings on a chalkboad and then spend time erasing the drawing using water and a paintbrush. This is sure to be a hit as your kiddos watch their drawings "magically" disappear!

Easy Toddler Activities - Chalkboard Drawings
Photo Source: The Activity Mom

For additional ideas for your toddlers, be sure to check out The Activity Mom!