3 Fabulous Literacy Centers for Read Across America!

Monday, March 2nd kicks of Read Across America Week; a nationwide reading celebration that offers a unique and fun opportunity to get your kiddos excited about building this important skill! It's also an awesome time to pull out all of your favorite Dr. Seuss activities as Read Across America Week is, after all, celebrated over this favorite author's birthday!

Katie Mense, kindergarten teacher and blogger at Little Warriors shared these amazing Dr. Seuss literacy center ideas and we thought we'd pass them along in the event you needed a bit of inspiration for this years celebration! Read Across American Week really wouldn't be complete without a few Seuss themed literacy centers...

Photo Source: Little Warriors

Singluar v. Plural Words. Katie created this colorful grammar center inviting her kinders to sort singular and plural words, then record their work on a response sheet. The sorting mats remind students that singluar means "one" and plural means "two or more", and the word cards include picture cues to help students determine which category they fit into!

She purchased the next two centers from Kathleen Pendersen's Dr. Suess packet and said her kiddos had a blast with them!

Photo Source: Little Warriors

Sight Word Spin & Write. In the first center, students are invited to spin two wheels; the first determines what sight word they will write and the second determines what writing 'tool' they will use - i.e. a fancy pencil, markers, or colored pencils! Students spin and write until they've filled their response sheet! [NOTE: The sight word wheel can be changed to fit the words your kiddos are currently working with!]

Photo Source: Little Warriors

Real v. Nonsense Words. The second center from Kathleen's packet has students deciding whether the letter dice they've rolled spell a real words vs. 'Suess words'/nonsense words! [NOTE: While Katie created her own dice for the activity, the center download does come with dice templates that can be printed and assembled!]

We couldn't find the original product listing for Kathleen's Dr. Seuss packet, but if you want to take a closer look, here's a link to her awesome blog, Growing Kinders! She's got some amazing stuff over there - we highly recommend checking it out!

Also, Katie has some other great Dr. Suess ideas at her blog, Little Warriors, so be sure to check out the full post!