3-D Sandwiches

While many teachers have encouraged their students to explore their favorite sandwich or hamburger with a pencil and drawing paper, Jacqueline's three-dimensional colorful collages have breathed new life into the project! Focusing on "texture, balance, and variety", this project allows your students to explore new mediums and think outside the box (e.g. green crepe paper or lettuce?). Jacqueline's list of supplies includes:
- Piece of colored cardboard (A3)
- Scraps of colored paper or construction paper
- Ribbed cardboard
- Assorted pasta
- Seeds, tealeaves, and other natural materials
- Crepe paper
- Yarn
- Cotton
- Craft glue
- Kids scissors
- And of course, anything else you or your student's can think of!

In building this sandwich, students should start from the bottom-up by first designing a tablecloth and plate, and then making their first piece of bread or bun with the ribbed cardboard. Encourage your students to think about their favorite foods and be creative! Remind them that three-dimensional elements are required and that the finished product will look much more full if pieces are overlapped. When enough ingredients have been placed on the sandwich, add the top bun and admire the colorful creations!

Kids Artists: Building sandwiches