3 Awesome Water Games for Kids!

Summer Outdoor Water Games for Kids
Photo Source: mamaslikeme.com

If you're looking for ways to beat the heat this summer, outdoor water games are a must! Not only will playing in the water help keep your kiddos cool, the games themselves are also great boredom busters that offer a unique challenge and will help keep your kids active despite the heat! Tina over at Mamas Like Me shared three fun games that she and her kiddos tried out last summer and, with everything from a rely race and target practice to a twist on the traditional children's game, 'Duck, Duck, GOOSE!', we know you'll be able to use or tweak any one of these fun activities for some soggy summer fun!

Our favorite (pictured above) is the sponge bullseye. Great for building early math and gross motor skills, the competition is sure to get lively! Of course, the great thing about a sidewalk chalk game board is that it can be tweaked to create new experiences. For instance, you might select a grid format instead of a bullseye, drawing different shapes in each of the squares and inviting your kiddos to "collect" one of each. Or, using the same grid game board filled with numbers, call out a sum/product and invite your kiddos to try to hit two numbers that make that particular sum/product.

There are so many ways to play! For the full scoop on Tina's fun water game ideas, be sure to visit Mamas Like Me!