12 Days of Christmas Muffin Tin Countdown Calendar

muffin tin used as a countdown for Christmas
Photo Source: American Crafts™ | Alisha Gordon

Looking for a fun way to countdown the days till Christmas? The perfect solution exists in your oven drawer! Designed by Alisha Gordon for American Crafts™, this countdown calendar has it all - vibrant colors, exciting treats, and inexpensive trendiness! All you'll need is a muffin tin, some fantastic seasonal crafting paper (like the Merrymint collection at American Crafts™!), and letter/number stickers!

The Basics

  1. Cut 12 three-inch circles from various patterned crafting papers.
  2. Cut 12 one-inch circles from various solid color card stock.
  3. Attach a one-inch solid circle to the center of each three-inch patterned circle and add a number sticker atop the two.
  4. Create a title banner for the top of the muffin tin using a piece of solid colored card stock and letter stickers.
  5. Fill the muffin cups with something special (e.g. candy, a piece of paper listing a fun game or craft, etc.), cover the cups with the numbered circles, and get ready to count down!

[For a list of the patterned papers, card stock, and number stickers used in Gordon's design, be sure to check out the full post at American Crafts™]

If you're a school teacher, countdown the days till Christmas break (since you're likely to be released from school a few days before the actual day). The muffin tin calendar provides a great classroom decoration and your students will look forward to the fun activities leading up to the holiday!

12 Days of Christmas Tin | American Crafts