100th Day "Bucket List" Printable Activity

100th Day Bucket List Printable Activity

While many 100th Day lessons focus on what it will be like to be 100-years-old (i.e. what your students will look like, what they'll wear, what they'll eat, etc.), we love the idea of having your kiddos think about the time in between their current age and their 100th birthday, inviting them compose a bucket list of things they'd like to do, see, and/or accomplish by the time they're 100! Even though their bucket list will likely change dramatically from life stage to life stage, we think it's important to teach children the importance of setting (and writing down!) their goals. (And, of course, looking back, it's always fun to see what your kindergarten self thought was important!)

To make the exercise even more simple, we created a fun bucket list booklet for your kiddos to fill out and illustrate! You can find the free download below!

Extension: You might even take this exercise a step further by having each student select an entry on their bucket list, thinking about what it would take to realize the goal and writing out actionable steps they can take now, or in the future, to make sure that it gets checked off the list!

100th Day "Bucket List" Printable Activity


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