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Art Tissue Paper for Crafts & Fun!

Brighten up craft time with SupplyMe incredible selection of art tissue paper! Inexpensive and versatile, this fun craft material is ideal for any classroom and age group. Younger students will learn how to gently handle delicate items, strengthen fine motor skills as they tear and create, and gain exposure to dynamic color. Older students will enjoy manipulating the thin paper into three-dimensional objects, developing a sense of color and design when using small tissue pieces to create collages and mosaics, and much more!

Whether youre purchasing materials for your home, classroom, or learning center, weve got what you need. Those looking to use our art tissue paper for personal use or at a smaller learning center will appreciate our packages of assorted colors. For those purchasing supplies for a large learning center or school, SupplyMe also offers single color tissue packages that provide more sheets of each color and allow for easy replacement of popular shades.

To ensure dynamic art projects, SupplyMe stocks a wide variety of colors, prints, and patterns including primary and pastel, animal skins, and more! We also offer several different sizes and shapes. Choose from full-length sheets of tissue, squares, circles, fall leaves, hearts, and even kits for making flowers! With SupplyMe you can rest assured that youre getting quality products at affordable prices.

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