Number Lines

Number Lines Make Great Learning Aids!

Number lines are great tools for helping students visualize how numbers work as well as learn how numbers relate to one another. Used in the early childhood classroom these learning aids can help children with numeracy, addition, subtraction, even numbers, odd numbers, and much more! At SupplyMe we offer several number line varieties to fit the needs of your home, classroom, or learning center.

For individual practice, we carry several different desk number lines. Most selections are self-adhesive allowing you to easily stick the number lines to student desks and remove them at the end of the year. If you expect to do quite a bit of practice with these teaching aids you might also consider our mark-on, wipe-off varieties which allow students to follow along during lessons, aid children when completing class problems, and provide homework help if needed. Desk number lines can be purchased in packages of twelve or thirty-six and count from zero to twenty-five or zero to thirty.

For classroom help and instruction, SupplyMe also offers several large display number lines. Our Clifford themed number cards can be punched out to and used as flash cards, placed in a line above the chalkboard, or kept grouped together to create a numeracy bulletin board. Our Quick Stick bulletin board numbers offer a fun way to create a traditional number line or a fun bulletin board and offer easier creation and removal of the decoration. Our largest classroom number line ranges from negative twenty to positive one hundred with our other selections falling somewhere in between.

Whether you intend to focus on classroom instruction, individual practice, or a combination of both, SupplyMe has the right number line for you, your classroom, and your students!

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