Black History Month Bulletin Board Ideas

Fun with Color Mixing - An MLK Day Activity

MLK Day is right around the corner and we've been busy trying to find some la...

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Words Have Power! - Black History Month Lesson & Bulletin Board

Words have the power to change our actions, our thinking, and even entire co...

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African Americans Close To Our Hearts! - Black History Month Display Idea

Photo Source: Brandy Turman If you're looking for a simple, yet relevant wa...

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Nuts About George Washington Carver! - Black History Month Bulletin Board

George Washington Carver was an African-American scientist, botanist, educato...

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Classroom Freedom Quilt - Black History Month Display

Photo Source: The Underground Railroad. As it's nam...

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Who Am I? - Celebrating Black History Month

Photo Source: February is Black History Month and we think t...

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