Alphabet Lines

Word Recognition & Writing with Alphabet Lines

These bulletin board sets are a great tool for teaching hand writing skills and word recognition. Children can see the proper formation of alphabet letters using our colorful bulletin board sets. Sets are available for demonstrating manuscript letters and cursive letters, both upper and lower case. And some the bulletin board sets associate each letter with a picture that begins with that letter. This enhances the learning process because your students will learn various simple words along with how to form the letters to write the words.

These bulletin board sets also come in age appropriate themes and designs. There are sets for the youngest students who are just beginning to learn about the alphabet and word recognition through picture association. And there are sets for the older students learning to properly write using cursive letters.

There are many teaching activities you can do with alphabet lines; especially with the younger children. Using a manuscript photo set, children can learn colors, alphabet letters, words and letter shapes. Go around the room and ask different students to describe the picture, the colors in the picture, the objects beginning letter and then have each child practice writing the letters associated with the word. Make learning fun and interesting with alphabet lines bulletin boards.

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