Word Family Flowers

Summer Flower Literacy Preschool Printable
Photo Source: moffattgirls.blogspot.com

This is a cute 'summery' way for your preschoolers to get some beginning reading practice! Thank you Annie, creator of the blog, The Moffatt Girls, for designing this adorable printable and activity! In a nutshell, here's how it works...

Each flower displays a different word family - the center of the flower contains the specific word 'chunk' {i.e. -an, -ip, -in, -am, etc.}, while the flower petals and leaves display various words that fit into that specific word family. Arrange the flowers to form a 'garden', then have your kiddos take turns 'picking' a flower, identifying the word chunk, and reading the words on the petals.

Tips for Creating Your Flower Garden

  • Create a 3D garden by mounting the printables onto jumbo craft sticks and sticking them into a Styrofoam block. Place the block in a large aluminum roasting pan and disguise the Styrofoam with green or brown paper shreds for a cute garden set-up.
  • Add a small magnet to the back of each printable, place them on your white board or chalkboard, and use markers/chalk to draw a garden scene around the printables.
  • Design an interactive bulletin board, using background paper to design a garden theme, and mounting the flowers to it with Velcro dots {for easy manipulation}.

Be sure to visit The Moffatt Girls for these fantastic printables!