What Does A Well-Managed Classroom Look Like?

According to Julia G. Thompson, author and Suite101 contributor, there are five characteristics that are needed for a well-managed classroom.

  1. A physical environment that promotes learning. Student desks should be arranged to minimize distractions and allow unhindered access to you, the chalkboard, and other teaching aids. Classroom materials, supplies, and stations should be kept well stocked and organized. Wall and class decor should be appropriately stimulating, while not detracting from what's happening during the lesson.
  2. Students know what is expected of them. This includes academic expectations and classroom procedures, as well as, behavioral guidelines and disciplinary consequences. Teachers who desire a well-managed classroom should make all expectations clear and equip their students with the tools to achieve them each day.
  3. Students desire to learn and are actively participating. Genuine learning involves more than sitting in a desk and drowsily watching PowerPoint slides. It is active. It is dynamic. In some cases, it requires students to do more talking while teachers listen. A well-managed classroom can actually seem chaotic at times when genuine learning is taking place.
  4. Mutual respect. Teacher-student interactions, whether verbal or non-verbal, should be appropriate and courteous. A student's respect for their classmates is also important to a well-managed classroom.
  5. Students take ownership of their education. While teachers are indispensable, providing insights and learning strategies that cannot be found elsewhere, a well-managed classroom thrives on self-direction. Students who view education as important and take an active role in learning, are more likely to refrain from misbehavior and achieve academic goals.

5 Characteristics of a Well-Managed 21st Century Classroom - TheApple.com

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