Weaving With Recycled Material

Eliminating school waste can be a tedious, time-consuming job. While you can create guidelines and charge teachers, students, and administrators alike to be conscious of their own waste, you can’t be responsible for others’ actions. Because a personal responsibility for the environment is learned at a young age, educational programs, workshops, and lessons are critical in reaching out to students and impressing upon them the importance of reducing waste, while reusing and recycling what is salvageable. Ms. Ale, creator of Art Lessons For Kids, has shared a wonderful example of how to create beautiful art while teaching children about eliminating school waste and recycling. As with most offices, the copier can become a source of unneeded waste. As a classroom, volunteer to be the recycler of extra copies, those that have been printed with errors, etc. Many treasures can be created from these sheets of paper that were thought to be unusable!

The project is labeled for use with second graders, but with a little imagination, it can be transformed into a project for all age groups. Simply use an average second grader as your skill base and adjust from there! Younger children may benefit from fewer strings to weave. Older children, on the other hand, may find it more challenging to twist their paper into smaller strings and weave more. However you decide, don’t forget to remind your students of areas where they can reduce and recycle in their daily lives!

Recycled Paper Weaving in Grade Two « Art Lessons For Kids

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