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printable weather cards for preschool
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Spring just seems like an appropriate time to talk about the weather {probably because you're finally getting out of the winter funk, where it seems like the forecast every day is 'cloudy with a side of dreary, snowy cold', and into the wonderful world of spring, where the sun chases away the clouds, temperatures are on the rise, and raindrops seem more bearable than snow if it does get cloudy!}. If you're just starting your weather unit, want to do a little 'spring review', or just want to introduce your students to some weather fun, be sure to download and print a copy of these terrific weather flash cards from PreKinders! They're colorful, comprehensive, and best of all, quite useful!

Using Weather Flash Cards

  • These cards make a great addition to your 'morning board routine' - just print, cut, laminate, and incorporate them into your weekly weather chart. *For a great morning board/routine example, check out Homeschool Creations or 1+1+1=1!
  • Create a three-part matching game by printing out two sets of cards - leave one set whole {pictures and words} and cut the second one apart, inviting students to match the weather words with the correct picture using the whole flash cards as a guide.
  • Design an interactive emergent reader for extra practice {now and in the future!}. Check out our example books from previous posts for inspiration.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can use these fantastic weather cards! Be sure to visit PreKinders for the download and other great educational materials for your preschoolers!

Happy Learning!

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