"We Can Take Care Of Our Hearts!" Heart Health Month Activity

Preschool and Kindergarten Heart Health Activity

Did you know that February is American Heart Month? In the age of technological toys and fast food, it's important to remind your kiddos that, in order to keep our hearts and bodies healthy, we need to make good choices when it comes to nutrition and exercise!

Here's a simple activity for your students to complete after your discussion of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. In each box, have students identify and draw two or three nutritious foods that are good for their heart as well as two or three activities that will help keep their body active and healthy. Students can simply pull ideas from your discussion or you might consider having them make a more personal connection by using the activity as a pledge of sorts; challenging students to think of foods they can actually incorporate into their diet (whether they hope to try new foods or incorporate more of something that they know they already like) as well as activities they enjoy and want to learn or do more of.

Our heart health is not something we should take lightly and making responsible choices at a young age can set your kiddos up for a healthier future!



"We Can Take Care Of Our Hearts!" Heart Health Month Activity

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