Veterans Day Roll & Cover Game Printable

Veterans Day Roll & Cover Game Printable



Great for counting, early addition, and letter recognition practice, this patriotic themed roll and cover game would make a perfect Veterans Day math center! The game board includes numbers two through twelve – the numbers your kiddos will when rolling two dice – with more entries for the numbers most commonly rolled.

How to play:

  • Provide each player with a game mat and sheet of star stickers
  • Players take turns;
    • Rolling the game dice
    • Counting/adding the number of dots displayed
    • Identifying the corresponding numeral on the game mat
    • Covering the space with a star sticker [NOTE: If the number is already covered, player skips adding a star and it becomes the next player's turn.]

If you wish to reuse the game mats, consider using red and blue candies, star buttons, patriotic erasers, or other manipulatives that can easily be removed.



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Veterans Day Roll & Cover Game Printable

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