Valentine's Day Op-Art

Op-Art Assignment for Valentine's Day
Photo Source: Teach Kids Art

Valentine's Day is just a few short days away! If you are looking for a last-minute art activity that is sure to please, be sure to check out this amazing Op-Art idea featured by Cheryl over at Teach Kids Art. Even your boys are sure to enjoy the Valentine's Day-themed activity!

Materials You'll Need:

drawing paper


black sharpies (ultra-fine)

Completing the Drawing

To begin the drawing, have your students lightly trace their hands on a piece of paper with pencil (light is key here because you will be erasing it later!). Also ask them to lightly draw a heart above the hand and to the right (between their thumb and index finger).

Next, have the students draw curved lines (arching up) from one side of their hand to the other using their Sharpies. Starting at the wrist will make the process a bit simpler. Have them complete the curved lines running all the way up their wrist to the tips of their fingers. Keep in mind: the closer they draw the lines together and the more curved they make the lines, the better the 3-D effect will be when they are finished!

Once their hands are finished, have your students complete the same 'curved-line' process in the heart they drew.

Then, when the curved lines are complete, have your students draw straight lines with their Sharpies across their papers, all the way from the top of the page to the bottom. Whereever possible, make sure the straight lines are connected to the curved lines they already drew (it will be like a continuation of their curved lines across the rest of the page, only straight lines this time!).

In the end, have the students go back and erase the pencil outlines for the hand and heart. You could always add a little color to the page as well, but we LOVE the simplicity of the black and white look. I just wish someone had come up with this idea when I was still in school! Sigh... :)

If you are in the hunt for art ideas for your classroom, spend some time looking around Teach Kids Art. Her collection of ideas is fantastic!