Valentine's Day Musical Hearts Game

Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary Valentine's Day Gross Motor Game

How fun is this Valentine's Day game created by Allison of No Time For Flash Cards?! Perfect for gross motor play and practicing following directions, the game is similar to musical chairs, but has your kiddos jumping from heart cutout to heart cutout as the music plays and, as a twist, performing fun gross motor tasks on each heart once the music stops!

Hopping on one foot. Dancing like a robot. Singing the ABCs. These are just a few of the fun tasks you can incorporate into your own musical hearts game!

Of course, you can always incorporate skills you're learning in class as well. Letters, numbers, shapes, sight words, math problems - you name it, you can add it to the heart and have your kiddos identify and say or solve when they land on the heart.

Not only is the game super simple to put together, we know your kiddos will have a blast playing it!