Uppercase Letter Tracing Cards

Traceable Printing Practice Preschool Printables
Photo Source: homeschoolcreations.blogspot.com

These tracing cards made by Jolanthe of Homeschool Creations are a gem! Print them onto sturdy card stock, laminate, and bind with a key ring to create a reusable activity for the writing center. Print onto paper, inviting students to cut and paste the cards {in order} into a small booklet for individual printing practice and review. Create two sets of the laminated card stock cards for students to use in a memory matching game where students take turns making matches and practice tracing the letters when a pair is made. However you use them, these letter tracing cards are invaluable in the preschool classroom!

Jolanthe is also working on a set of lowercase letter tracing cards that can be used in the same way! Or, as a fun twist, have students complete the memory matching game with one set of uppercase and one set of lowercase cards...

Be sure to visit Homeschool Creations for this download and be sure to bookmark the site so you can check back for the lowercase printables!