Turkey Lurkey Color Match File Folder Game

colorful turkeys
Photo Source: www.preschoolprintables.com

Provide your students with some advanced matching fun with Preschool Printables' turkey lurkey color match file folder printable! Each different turkey features a multitude of shades and colors prompting your preschoolers to pay close attention as they match!

Activity Objectives

  • Sharpen observation skills.
  • Sharpen problem solving skills.
  • Strengthen visual perception and color recognition.
  • Strengthen concentration and focus.

Worksheet Applications

  • Use the printable as designed, preparing two sets of turkey cards, pasting one set to the inside of a file folder (creating a game board of sorts), and having students match the second set of turkey cards to their corresponding place on the "game board".
  • Create two sets of laminated turkey cards with which to play a memory matching game. Students can be invited to place the cards face down on a flat surface and flip over pairs in the hopes of making color matches.
  • Create two sets of laminated turkey cards. Use them to complete simple patterning exercises. {NOTE: Even though the patterns remain simple - ABAB or ABCABC - the various color combinations on the turkey cards will necessitate focus.]
  • Create one set of laminated turkey cards. Use a black permanent marker to script a number on each turkey - one through eight. With colored pom poms, small circle stickers, or even cards with dots on them, have students match the appropriate number of counters to the turkeys.

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Happy Matching!