Track Your Loot - Halloween Candy Graphing

Halloween Math Preschool Printable
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Halloween is a great time to experiment with sorting, counting, and graphing! Check out this fun "Track Your Loot" worksheet from Lasso the Moon. Featuring six popular candies, students are invited to examine their stash of trick-or-treat candy to complete the activity.

If your goal is to complete this activity in the classroom {and you don't want to purchase a ton of candy}, consider creating a math station for your kiddos to rotate through. Put together four or five trick-or-treat bags, complete with loot, and have students divide the bags upon reaching the center. When finished with the activity, have students put all the candy back and turn in their results to receive a special treat {i.e. your Halloween treat for the students}.

[NOTE: If you want the true "trick-or-treat" feel, consider coordinating this activity with the teachers on your floor, having students visit each classroom with their treat bags to collect candy for the activity.]

Consider creating a supplemental analysis worksheet, inviting students to determine which candy they had the most of, the least of, record how many of each candy they collected, etc.

Be sure to head on over to Lasso the Moon for this awesome printable - or for inspiration in making your own!