Top Preschool Blogs

If you're a parent or teacher looking for inspiration for play time, Raising Playful Tots has compiled a list of 100 blogs that provide just that! Be sure to check out there entire list!

Here are a few of our spotlights:

  1. No Time For Flashcards - Allie provides insight for preschool teachers; crafts, activities, exercises, and much more for all aspects of learning!
  2. Let The Children Play - Jenny shares her experiences as a preschool teacher and her natural 'playscapes' are divine!
  3. Irresistible Ideas For Play Based Learning - Preschool teachers Sherry and Donna have it figured out; if you make it irresistible, the children with come (and learn!). Get great ideas for play centers, themed units, activities, and much much more!
  4. Not Just Cute - Preschool teacher Amanda not only provides great learning opportunities for your students, but tackles the tough issues like discipline, teaching philosophy, and more!
  5. Teacher Tom - Not afraid to get messy or try new things, Teacher Tom will make you think about preschool in a different light!

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