Tools for Counting In Your Toddler Classroom

Sheryl, a teacher at a small private preschool, has shared a wonderful technique for encouraging counting, promoting number recognition, and even strengthening color recognition in your toddler classroom!

Supplies You'll Need
- Card stock
- Foam numbers
- Foam glue
- Colorful counters Divide each sheet of card stock into six sections and use scissors to separate each piece. Place small dots of foam glue onto the back of your foam numbers and carefully place one number onto the left side of each card. As these cards have been designed for toddlers, ranging in age from two to three years old, begin with cards counting from 1 to 10. You'll always be able to make more to accommodate more advanced students.

To play, provide each student with a set of cards and a shallow dish of colorful math counters. Encourage them to count out the correct number of counters and place them on the corresponding card. For greater difficulty, invite them to match colors, as well as, numbers. This activity is simple to create, but will offer a challenging, skill-building activity for your toddlers!

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