Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift

Looking for a creative, useful gift for Mother's Day? Katherine, the artistic brilliance behind the camera at Katherine Marie Photography, shares a wonderful idea that is easy to create, helps recycle old materials from around the house, and is sure to pull at the heartstrings of any mother. Supplies You'll Need
- Recycled cans (de-labeled)
- Pictures of the student with their mother (put Dad up to this task)
- Craft glue

The rest is super simple. Make sure the cans have been properly washed and provide a clean slate for your student artists. Start by making a glue border on the back of the photo, adding a small amount of adhesive to the center. Line up the photo with the edges of the can, press down, and continue this process all the way around the can. Encourage your students to press and hold for a few seconds to make sure the glue adheres to the can. Once completed, provide embellishments (e.g. sequins, assorted pom poms, stickers, etc.) for those who want to continue decorating. Have children write a special message to their mother and stick it in the 'can frame' or pair this activity with a flower craft and use the can as a vase. Mothers will adore this gift!

Katherine Marie Photography: Photo Soup Cans

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