"Think Spring!" Flower Stamping Crafts

Cabin fever seems to run rampant this time of year! Even though it feels like forever, spring is right around the corner and if you need to channel some positive {colorful!} energy in the classroom, try one of these flower stamping crafts!

water bottle flower print craft
Photo Source: Superheroes and Princesses

Water Bottle Flower Prints

Supplies You'll Need

Pour assorted {"springy" colored!} paint into shallow dishes. To make a flower print, dip the bottom of the water bottle into the paint and press it to the craft paper. Allow the prints to dry, then flip the bottle over, dipping the cap into yellow paint and pressing it to the paper to create a flower center. Add green stems and leaves (optional).

cork flower stamping craft
Photo Source: Babble

Cork Flower Prints

Supplies You'll Need

[NOTE: Before beginning the craft, cut several of the corks in half lengthwise.]

Place your "spring" colored craft paint into shallow bowls and provide students with a selection of whole, as well as halved, corks. Demonstrate how to create different types of flowers using the corks - five petal flowers, six petal flowers, two-tone flowers with overlapping petals, etc. Let the prints dry then add a green stem and stamp several leaves with the halved corks.

Hang these prints around the classroom to herald spring in with style!