The Shape of Things - Getting Creative with Shapes!

Math Shapes Preschool PrintableHere's a fun booklet to add to your shapes unit!  While it's not a traditional shapes identification book, it will certainly reinforce shape recognition as well as encourage your preschoolers to examine the world around them with a critical eye and allow your kiddos to tap into their creativity. Completed individually, in a group setting, or at home with a parent or older sibling, this is sure to be a unique activity that will catch your kiddos attention and get them excited about math!

Here's the gist...

Each page of the booklet features a different shape - i.e. a circle, a square, a rectangle, etc. After identifying the shape on the page, students are invited to think about how that shape fits in to every day life. For example, circle shapes can be observed in many different places. Bike tires. Dinner plates. The full moon. Using what they know and what they've observed, have students complete the following sentence for each shape.

"A ________ [shape] is just a ________ [shape] until you..."

The example booklet page below features a common place we might find a diamond.Math Shapes Preschool Printable

Doesn't the exercise sound like fun? To grab your own copy of the shapes booklet, simply click the link below!

Shapes Worksheets Bundle

The Shape of Things - Getting Creative with Shapes!

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