The Colors of Us! - Black History Month Activity & Bulletin Board

Black History Month Activity and Bulletin Board Idea

A lesson on diversity and friendship ties in magnificently with your Black History Month plans and we love this activity that goes along with Karen Katz's children's book, “The Colors of Us”!

{The Book} The Colors of Us

Our communities and our world are made up of different people who have unique skin colors. As you and your kiddos study the concept of diversity, it is important for your students to grasp that coloring is only one component of what makes people who they are. Katz's book follows the journey of seven-year-old Lena who, when attempting to paint her own portrait (and those of her family and friends), realizes that the people she's grown up with and the people she loves come in many different shades. As she encounters each shade and creates a new hue of paint to use, she names each one - honey, cinnamon, etc.

While we recommend having other resources for your kiddos to check out, especially when learning about such an important topic, this book offers a lovely and artistic view of the beauty of different skin tones.

{The Activity} The Colors of Us

After reading the story, divide students into groups and provide each group with a palette of paints - white, yellow, red, brown, black, and peach. Focusing on their own skin tone, have students create a paint mixture that matches their skin. [To check, they can actually use a paint brush to brush the color onto the back of their hand!]

Once the mixture is complete, provide students with an activity sheet and invite them to use their paint mixture (as well as other paints!) to create a portrait of themselves. And, while they're at it, have them name the color of their skin.

The finished portraits are sure to work great as a bulletin board and later as a conversation starter for their families!

The Colors of Us! - Black History Month Activity & Bulletin Board


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